Red Sea Fish ID
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Quick Tips:         

swipe left/right for next fish.
tap a photo & rotate to enlarge.

swipe left-right for next photo.
spread fingers / pinch to zoom.

tap + icon to add fish to logbook.
tap Logbook icon to view logbook.
tap Q to start flashcard-style quiz.

Fish are ranked numerically, the most common first, the rarest last. Rankings by

Names of fish endemic to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden are in red


This app contains no advertising, no in-app purchases, and no social media links. It does not gather, transmit, or retain any information from you or your mobile device except as follows: The optional Logbook feature allows you to create a list of fish you have seen. You can email this list to anyone. Whoever you send it to will see your email address. No copy of the email is retained. The app also optionally accesses the authors' websites. No cookies are used and no information is requested from the user.

 v. 3.3 released October 2022
 v. 1.0 released June 2018


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