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            v. 1.0 released May 2022


Much information in this app was drawn from the book Guide des poissons de Tahiti et ses îles by Philippe Bacchet, et al. and the article Shore fishes of French Polynesia by Gilles Siu, et al. The author owes these researchers a big debt of gratitude.

Thanks also to the fish photographers listed below who contributed images. Photos are from French Polynesia unless noted otherwise.

Gerald Allen, Marjorie L. Awai, Andrew Brooks, David Burdick, Alex Chernikh, Lisa Choquette, John L. Earle, Graham Edgar, Bob Fenner, Richard Field, Laurel Fulton, Brian Greene, Jim Greenfield, Sascha Janson, Jeanette Johnson, Scott Johnson, Jerry Kane, Rudie Kuiter, Jeff Kuehn, Johan Lantz, François Libert, Scott Michael, Lauren Pederson, Dave Pence, Sally Polack, John E. Randall, Mark Rosenstein, Marjorie Russell, Jay Ryan Images, Frank Schneidewind, David Schrichte, Ian Shaw, Mark Steele, Jim Struhsaker, Rick Stuart-Smith, Bernard Tora, Robert K. Whitton.

English common names, with a few exceptions, are from Reef Fish Identification, Tropical Pacific by Gerald Allen, et al.


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