Eviota susanae Greenfield & Randall, 1999
     This tiny goby is known from depths of 2-90 ft. In the shallows it is greenish or brownish (as shown above), but in deeper water it is reddish. Though apparently absent from most locales, it can be locally common. Where they occur they can easily be seen sitting in the open (unlike their very skittish relative the Divine Pygmy Goby (Eviota epiphanes), the other member of their genus in Hawai`i). The name honors goby specialist Susan L. Jewett of the U.S. National Museum of Natural History. To almost 1 inch. Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. For more information, see Reef and Shore Fishes of the Hawaiian Islands by Dr. John E. Randall. These photos were taken at a depth of 2 ft. in a large protected pool at Honuapo, Hawai`i (Whittington Beach Park).
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Text and photos copyright by John P. Hoover