Keoki Stender
Scorpaenodes evides (Jordan & Thompson, 1914)
[previously S. littoralis (Tanaka, 1917]
1) The photo of this species in the 1st and 2nd printings of the Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes, is incorrect. (Those printings show a Speckled Scorpionfish, Sebastapistes coniorta, in a variant of its nighttime coloration.)

2) Research has shown that this species was first described and named by American ichthyologists Jordan and Thompson in 1914, thus their name evides takes precedence over Tanaka's name littoralis, which was published in 1917.

Keoki Stender kindly provided me with this photo of the true Cheekspot Scorpionfish, taken under the Cargo Pier at Midway Atoll in about 30 ft. The Cheekspot Scorpionfish seems to be more common in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands than in the main Hawaiian Islands, although the Bishop Museum has several specimens from Oahu, most from depths of around 80 ft. (probably collected with fish poison). Divers rarely see it on the main islands, in part because it probably hides during the dayt. Below, a photo by John Earle taken at "Dan's Reef" Pupukea, Oahu, Sept. 2010

John Earle

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