Paraplanocera marginata  Meyer, 1921
top photo:
Kahalu`u, Hawai`i. 30 ft.

photos 2-3: Cory Pittman, Kapalua Bay, Maui. Size: 19 mm.

ID by Leslie Newman (animal in top photo was preserved and sent to her). This photo appears in her CD along with others of the species, some quite different in appearance. Known from Micronesia, South Africa, Red Sea, and Hawai`i.

Color description from CD: "Body round with a crenulated margin, translucent, light brown to darker brown, ligher medially with irregular white spots and dots forming a reticulated pattern near the margin. Margin white, interrupted with purple and yellow-orange. Cerebral eyes in distinct clusters. Head tentacles conspicuous...."

This species is also pictured in Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii. Section 2. Plate 2.I.1.e. and described on p. 39.

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