Paraplanocera oligoglena (Schmarda, 1859)
photo 1: Kahe Point, O`ahu, under rock. 5 ft
photo 2: Scott Johnson
photo 3: Cory Pittman, Napili Bay, Maui, tidepool.

ID by Leslie Newman from worm in top photo (sent to her as a specimen).

The species is described and illustrated in the flatworm chapter of Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawai`i. Section 2: "
This is possibly the most common and consipicuous polyclad in the Hawaiian littoral zone.... usually found under rocks below the intertidal zone on reefs and lava benches of moderate to heavy wave action. ... The animal is ovate to circular, has a highly ruffled margin, and reaches a length of 70 mm and a breadth of 62 mm. Smaller worms are translucent buff, but with increasing size the specimens generally become more densely pigmented....completely mottled or reticulated dark brown...."

Newman & Cannon describe it thus: "... translucent, light brown to darker brown, with white and brown irregular spots and dots forming a dark brown reticulated pattern near the margin. Margin white interrupted with brown. ... Conspicuous head tentacles striped, brown and cream, ringed by numerous eyes at their base...."

More photos by Scott Johnson taken at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands.

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Scott Johnson

Cory Pittman