Pseudoceros rubronanus Newman & Cannon, 1998
photo 1: Cory Pittman, Kapalua Bay, Maui. < 16 ft. Size: 15mm.
photo 2: Cory Pittman,
Kapalua Bay, Maui. < 15 ft.

Closely resembles photos of P. rubronanus on the Newman & Cannon CD.

Color description from CD reads: "Background colour brilliant red with irregular white dots or clusters of dots."
The original paper adds some relevant details: "... fuchsia-pink (226U) at margin with irregular white dots over the entire surface, more concentrated in a line along the margin and sometimes in irregular clusters longitudinally and medially...Pseudotentacles small bumps."

P. rubronanus
is known from Australia, Indonesia, Micronesia, Japan, and now Hawai`i. It is
a small species with maximum known size of 20mm. (rubro means "red" and nanus means "dwarf")

Here is the original paper in which the formal description of P. rubronanus appears.

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possible juvenile