Pseudoceros scintillatus  Newman & Cannon, 1994
top photo:
"Haleiwa Trench", O`ahu. Depth about 25 ft.
bottom photo: Portlock Point, O`ahu. Collected by Ron Holcom. Size 15 mm.

ID by Leslie Newman. At first she identified the animal in the top photo as Pseudoceros scintillatus and the animal in the 2nd photo as Pseudoceros cf. scintillatus. (She included the latter as such in her 2003 book, but omitted the photo entirely on the 2004 CD). Leslie now considers both animals as the same species (personal communication, 2005).

This is a small species. Newman & Cannon state max size = 10 mm., but the animal in bottom photo was 15 mm. Color description from CD: "Background body colour velvety black with a bold pattern of large, irregular-sized yellow-green spots which may extend into the marginal band; each spot is bordered by white. Marginal band, orange."

Range: Red Sea to Hawai`i. Very similar to Pseudoceros imperatus. "DNA studies needed to determine relationship ...."

Another photo from Hawai`i is posted on Keoki Stender's website

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