Thysanozoon or Acanthozoon 5
top photo: Scott Johnson, Hawai`i
middle photo: Cory Pittman, Hekili Point, Maui. < 3 ft.
bottom photo: Ralph Turre, Maui (at night)

ID from Newman & Cannon CD where a similar Scott Johnson photo taken in Hawai`i appears. Color description from CD: "Body translucent, mottled cream and brown with scattered white dots. Dorsal papillae numerous and round with black or brown tips." The animal is described as rare and known only from Hawai`i and Reunion Island.

The genera Acanthozoon and Thysanozoon are similar, differing mainly in the number of male pores. Because these pores are on the underside, it is impossible from these photos to determine the genus to which this worm belongs.

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Ralph Turre