Thysanozoon or Acanthozoon A
photos 1,4: Cory Pittman, photos 2-3: Kevin Roe

This animal is brown, mottled with small cream spots; its papillae are noticeably larger in diameter than those of the Thysanozoon cf. brocchii on these pages (to which it might well be related). The marginal band contains many tiny cream spots. Two blunt, mottled brown tentacles protrude from the anterior margin. The patch of cerebral eyes is V-shaped (see photo 3).

The pinkish worm in the bottom photo is most likely a juvenile, but could be something else.

Note: The genera Acanthozoon and Thysanozoon are similar, differing mainly in the number of male pores. Because these pores are on the underside, it is impossible to determine the exact genus from top-down photos.

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Ma`alaea Bay, Maui. 25-35 ft (Halimeda community) Size: 15 mm. photo: Cory Pittman

Ma`alaea Bay, Maui 15 ft. photo: Kevin Roe

Detail from above, showing V-shaped patch of cerebral eyes

probable juvenile - Kapalua Bay, Maui. < 15 ft. photo: Cory Pittman