Thysanozoon cf. brocchii (Risso, 1818)
Cory Pittman, Ma`alaea Bay, Maui. 25-32 ft (Halimeda community) size: 25 mm

ID from Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii, Section 2, p. 49. The species account reads: "A Thysanozoon (Plate 2.I.5b) anatomically similar to Thysanozoon brocchii described by Risso (1818) and, perhaps, corresponding to this species as identified by Plehn (1899) from Laysan Island has been observed in the Hawaiian littoral zone...."

The worm is dusky brown with evenly spaced, pointed, dark-tipped papillae. The papillae become smaller and denser in a wide band near margins. A line of minute yellow-white dots separates this band from a narrow marginal band. Two pointed tentacles, pale with dark bases, protrude from the anterior margin. The space between the tentacles is pale; behind it lies a round, pale cerebral eye-cluster.

Note: Newman & Cannon include a mottled brown papillate worm from the Mediterranean on their CD that they also call "Thysanozoon cf. brocchii." They add "Many species have been placed in Thysanozoon brocchii; the species is in need of review."

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