cf. Thysanozoon or Acanthozoon 13
all photos: Cory Pittman (for details see captions)

These small worms resemble Acanthozoon or Thysanozoon sp. 13 on Newman & Cannon's CD (photographed in Victoria, Australia). The Hawaiian worms are found on white didemnid tunicates that are abundant in Ma`alaea Bay, Maui, and quite obviously mimic them. No mention is made of the Australian animals living on or mimicking tunicates, so the Hawaiian animals are likely something else. The color description on the CD reads: "Body translucent, white. Dorsal papillae extremely short, numerous.... Generic determination uncertain."

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Ma`alaea Bay, 25-35 ft (Halimeda community) Size: 8 mm

young specimen - Kahekili Beach Park, Maui. 20-65 ft. (Halimeda community)