Reef Fish Hawaii v.2
text and photos by John Hoover
program by Mel Malinowski

This easy-to-use iPhone app makes it easy to identify all the fish seen in shallow water by snorkelers--almost 200 species. Browse for fish by family group, and then by species. Males, females, and juveniles are shown for those species in which they differ. Turtles, seals, dolphins, and whales have been added as a bonus.

Each of the species accounts includes a photo (enlargable to full-screen) and a short paragraph of information.

You can log the fish you see in a "Favorites" list. You can also view a slideshow of the photos, which look bright, crisp, and colorful on the iPhone screen.

The app requires an up-to-date iPhone or iPod Touch running OS version 3 or later.

                           • Reef Fish Hawaii is available in the iTunes store for $4.99
                           • Reef Fish Hawaii lite is a free demo with only a few fish

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sample screens: