Fish ID Hawaii pro / SnorkelFish Hawaii
app support
updated June 2, 2016

Please email me if you find problems
or have any questions or comments

Release history:

- v. 1.3 SnorkelFish Hawaii released June 3, 2016. (originally released as Fish ID Hawaii 101)
- v. 2.0 Fish ID Hawaii pro released May, 2016. Upated for Xcode 7 / iOS 9. Some new fish added.

- v. 1.8 released 4 August, 2015. Minor errors corrected.

- v. 1.7 released 31 July 31. This version added some more hi-res pictures but contained a few minor errors. Version 1.8 corrects them.

- v. 1.6 released 17 July, 2015 featuring higher resolution images for retina screen and smoother user experience. Additional fish species added, for a total of 402. iOS 8.4 compatible.

- v. 1.5 released 9 July 2015, but temporarily removed from sale 10 July due to unexpected crash after playing videos from the main (opening) screen. THIS AFFECTS iOS 8.4 ONLY. Working on a fix. If you have already installed v 1.5 and running iOS 8.4, play videos only from a fish detail screen.

- v. 1.4 released on 02-19-14. Twenty-three more fish species were added. Initially they were not showing up on some devices. As of 2 March this seems to be resolved. If this happens to you, please let me know.

Known problems with v.1.4:
a) Oops! If Sailfin Tang is selected, Goldring Surgeonfish displays. Video is OK.
b) Phoenix Island Damselfish is tagged "endemic" and Hawaiian Rock Damselfish is not tagged endemic. Reverse should be true.

c) If you flip pages too quickly, a page might turn white and take a while to reload correctly. A few iPad 3 users have reported that gray screens appear during prolonged use of app. If necessary, restarting the iPad restores normal function.

- v. 1.3 released on 07-23-12 This version fixes problems editing notes in the Logbook and corrects some minor database errors. NOTE: Updating to v1.3 is optional and will overwrite your existing Logbook! For this reason, you might prefer not to update. Of course you can always email the Logbook to yourself and re-enter the data.

- v. 1.2 released 06-13-12 (corrects app name under icon, removes highlighting from icon, adds ability to edit notes in
Logbook, corrects minor DB issues. See below)

- v. 1.1 released 05-20-12 (minor fixes)
- v. 1.0 released 04-24-12.
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