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Bicolor Anthias Pseudanthias bicolor

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These are the folks I dive and snorkel with. They can show you just about any animal you want to see (and tell you about any animal you saw). There are many other fine dive operators too.
Kaua`i Bubbles Below (specializing in trips to Niihau, perhaps Hawaii's finest dive destination)

Mike Severns Diving (Molokini and Kihei area)
Extended Horizons Scuba Tours
(Lahaina area & Lana`i)

Maui Dreams Dive Co (shore diving specialists)
Maui Kayak Adventures (kayak snorkel tours)


Kona Diving Company (Kerry Key and her Krew will take excellent care of you!)
Kohala Divers (operating out of Kawaihae, serving the north)

East Hawaii

East Hawaii Divers
Hilo Ocean Adventures

Good sites on Hawaii's marine life
Mike Severns Diving blog
HURL (Hawaii Undersea Research Lab) deepwater marine life identification guide 1500 photos of deep-dwelling marine animals
Keoki Stender's Marinelife Photography (Keoki and Yuko Stender's site: fishes and invertebrates, and especially good on Hawaiian corals)
Sea Slugs of Hawai`i (complete coverage of Hawaii's opisthobranch fauna)
Hawaiian Brachyuran Crabs (Scott Johnson's website)
Hawaiian Hermit Crabs (Scott Johnson's website)
Hawaiian Sea Slugs (Scott Johnson's website)
Hawaiian Flatworms Scott Johnson's website)
Hawaii Coral Reef Network (lots information on just about everything)
Waikiki Aquarium (the world's best little aquarium)
OPIHI Project (great information for kids on the intertidal zone)
Bishop Museum report: Nonindiginous Marine Species at Waikiki and Hawai`i Kai, Oahu, Hawai`i
Bishop Museum species lists (may be out of date): How many species in Hawaii? barnacles caridean shrimps stenopodid shrimps penaeid shrimps mantis shrimps lobsters lobsterlike crustaceans hermit crabs & relatives true crabs sea stars brittle stars sea urchins sea cucumbers tunicates1 tunicates2 ribbon worms annelid worms flatworms

Marine invertebrates of Kalaupapa National Historic Park.
Features lists of species by scientific, common, and Hawaiian names, but most useful are the photos, especially of small crabs. Choose "Browse Pictures" Not 100% accurate (but what website is?)

Maui Ocean Center interactive guide to Hawaii's marine life
Jaaziel Garcia's Hawaii sponge site: www.Hawaiisponges.com
Peter Krottje's Kohala snorkeling blog OneBreathKohala (mainly fish, but other fascinating things too)
Jeff Hill's Kona Snorkeling and Fish Watching blog info on snorkeling sites, recent sightings, and more.
Manta Pacific Research Foundation
Kids' Guide to Ocean and Marine Life Conservation

Jen Miller's Ultimate Guide to Snorkeling


Good sites on Pacific marine life (including many Hawaiian species)
Marine Species Identification Portal - fabulous for identifying almost anything. http://species-identification.org
Central Pacific Crustacea (primarily French Polynesia)

Marine Biodiversity of Guam and The Mariana Islands (supplemental data and images of animals listed in Micronesica volumes 35-36, the most comprehensive summary of Micronesian biodiversity)
CRUSTACEANS mantis shrimps lobsters caridean shrimps hermits and relatives spider crabs xanthid crabs swimming crabs other crabs
sea stars sea urchins sea cucumbers

Kwajalein Underwater (Scott Johnson's website: especially strong on living molluscs of all kinds)
Chris Mah's echinoderm blog (fascinating stuffs for echino-buffs, but mostly not Hawaii animals)
Blennywatcher Blog - Anna DeLoach's fabulous blog. You'll find much more than blennies here!
Fishwise Professional - Dennis Pollack's marine fish database. "FishWisePro is a comprehensive, fully relational fish database of more than 100,000 scientific species name combinations and just over 34,000 fish pictures."
Catalog of Fishes - California Academy of Sciences
Bishop Museum Occasional Papers - PDFs of published papers on many subjects including marine biology. 1898 - present. Great resource!
Keichi Matsuura's FishPix - excellent photos of Japanese fish, including many Indo-Pacific species

Check out this good video on the Endangered Species Act, sent to me by Emma, from Cincinnati.

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