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"John, your pictures are absolutely awesome. I simply sit there and am not productive at all ...simply looking and learning about these fish. Thank you...." - E.S. Eatontown New Jersey

These screensavers offer a far more generous number of photos than is typically found in other screensavers. It takes a long time before you've seen them all. Second, you can learn by watching--all photos are identified and many have brief notes--quite a bit of knowledge is packed in. Put a marine life screensaver on your PC, for example, and you'll soon be able to identify a lot of fish you didn't know before! That's why we call them "super screensavers." more info...


Wild Hawaii
Super Screensaver / Slideshow
400 images of spectacular trails, hidden valleys, and remote coasts. CD in case. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). For Windows 95 and up. This is my best selling screensaver.

More info / purchase 


Hanauma Bay
Super Screensaver / Slideshow
Gorgeous underwater fish photos from Hawaii's most popular marine preserve. Topside photos too. CD in case. $7.00 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). For Windows only.

More info / purchase 



Rainbow Reefs Hawaii
Super Screensaver / Slideshow
500 fabulous underwater photos of hundreds of species of colorful fish and other reef animals, all accurately labeled. With this playing on your PC you'll soon become an expert fish identifier! CD in wallet. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). For Windows only.

More info / purchase   


Hawaiian Volcanoes in action
Super Screensaver / Slideshow
288 spectacular photos of lava fountaining, flowing, gushing, spattering and cascading--taken during major eruptions of Kilauea Volcano from 1959 to present. CD in case. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). All photos are captioned--making this a great way to learn about Hawaiian volcanoes. For Windows only.

More info / purchase



English Gardens - Kent and the Cotswolds
Screensaver / Slideshow by Marcia Stone
63 photos. CD in case. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). For Windows only.

More info / purchase  



Nepal's Mt Everest Trek - Lukla to Kala Pattar
Super Screensaver / Slideshow  - 130 images. CD in case. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico. For Windows only..

More info / purchase


The Marquesas - Magical Islands of French Polynesia
Screensaver / Slideshow - Images of Nuku Hiva and Ua Pou, underwater and above. CD in case. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). For Windows only.

More info  this CD not yet available



Weird (and wonderful) Sea Creatures of Indonesia
200 images from Indonesia's amazing Lembeh Strait. CD in case. $7.99 including postage (USA/Canada/Mexico). For Windows only.

More info  this CD not yet available

More about our screensavers....
These screensavers consist of photos that appear on your computer screen after a period of inactivity, usually 5 or 10 minutes (you can set the time). Each photo shows for about 10 seconds, then changes randomly to another. There are transition effects between photos. What's the point? Well, say you take a break from your PC. When you come back you see a beautiful picture on your screen. It lifts your spirits. The picture keeps changing and you might watch the show for half a minute or so, but as soon as you touch the mouse or push a key the screen reverts to whatever you were doing. Some people like that the screensaver protects your PC from prying eyes while you are away; for extra security, you can even require entering a password to stop the screensaver. Originally, screensavers were supposed to save your screen from having a static pattern burned in, but these days they are mostly for fun. Screensavers do not run directly from the CD—you install them on your PC (instructions included). The images are not accessible individually for printing or any other purpose. There are no Macintosh versions of these products at present.

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Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover