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Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover

Wild Hawai`i Super Screensaver / Slideshow
400 images from Hawaii's spectacular back country. CD in folding cardboard case. $7.99 including postage (USA, Canada, Mexico). For Windows 95 and up.

THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS boast some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. If you like the out-of-doors, you will thrill to these photos of secret valleys, cloud-wreathed peaks, plunging waterfalls, razor-back ridges, steaming calderas, colorful cinder cones, dramatic coasts, and even snow-covered volcanoes.

Almost all the photos on this CD were taken from spots accessible only to hikers, climbers, and kayakers. Many were taken in our national and state parks; others are from places in the Islands that you have probably never heard of.

Cover: sunrise view of Kalalau Valley from the Pihea Trail, Koke`e State Park, Kaua`i. The tiny red bird on the branch is an i`iwi, found only in Hawai`i.

Read a review from the Maui Weekly

no longer available, sorry :(

$7.99 including postage (USA, Canada, Mexico).
(Note: This product requires a PC. It is not a DVD)
Downloads or mailing to other countries can be arranged: email me

Please note: This is not a DVD product. It requires a Windows PC
. The images are cropped for standard monitors, but they will stretch to fill any size screen. The screensaver can also be set to display images at their original size, with no stretching.

Click here for a live preview of 15 sample images (out of 400)
Warning: preview might not work well on older browsers or PCs

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Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover