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Weird (and wonderful) Sea Creatures of Indonesia's Lembeh Strait
Screensaver / Slideshow - 200 images of rare, unusual, and beautiful fishes and invertebrates. CD in case. $12.00 postage paid (USA ONLY). For Windows 95 and up.

Located at the northeastern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia, the Lembeh Strait is home to an abundance of bizarre, cryptic, utterly fascinating marine creatures. Many, such as the ghoulish stargazer (on the cover), live on the featureless volcanic sand bottoms typical of the area. Frogfishes, scorpionfishes, cuttlefishes, and a myriad of other rare animals also thrive here. You'll be amazed at the amount of life. But that's not all: next to the sand, rubble patches provide shelter for an entirely different creatures--mandarin fish with their psychedelic patterns, small, brilliantly colored flasher wrasses, and the deadly blue-ring octopus. The variety is astonishing. Yet all is not weird--Lembeh also has coral reefs full of gorgeous angelfishes, butterflyfishes, anthias, impossibly colored nudibranchs, corals, ghost pipefishes, and more. If you love the sea, don't miss this unique virtual tour of one of the world's richest and most unusual tropical marine ecosystems.

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Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover