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Corals of Hawai`i
a Field Guide to the Hard, Black and Soft Corals of
Hawai`i and the Northwest Hawaiian Islands,
including Midway
by Douglas Fenner

This comprehensive illustrated guide includes virtually all currently known Hawaiian corals and coral relatives--over 80 species! It features a photographic coral directory for quick reference, followed by detailed descriptions and photos for each species. The book was designed with the novice in mind, but also includes detailed taxonomic notes in a section at the end, as well as a glossary and detailed indexes.

6" x 9" • 192 pp • Softcover • $15.95

Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Coral taxonomist Douglas Fenner has studied stony corals throughout the Indo-Pacific.
He worked for 6 years with J.E.N. Veron at the Australian Institute of Marine Science
and currently serves as chief biologist at the American Samoa Department
of Marine and Wildlife Resources.