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Rainbow Reefs - Images of Hawaii's Underwater Paradise
8 x 6.5 inches, 48 pages of photographs, many of them 2-page spreads. Hard Cover. Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii. $7.95

This is a souvenir picture book with lots of pretty underwater photos.
See a golden school of yellow tangs flowing over the reef, flowerlike corals, sea slugs of unbelievable color, cleaner shrimps grooming eels, strange nocturnal lobsters, and frogfishes mimicking sponges. Meet Hawaii's state fish, the famous humuhumu nukunuku a pua`a, and watch tiny hermit crabs fighting over a shell. Marvel at the incredible camouflage of the scorpionfish and chuckle at the comical faces of pufferfish and flounders.

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Below: sample images from the book

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