Grammonus nagaredai Randall & Hughes, 2009
   This fish is pictured on p. 65 of my Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes
but the photo shows a reddish brown fish. This excellent photo by Bo Pardeau shows what may be its more common coloration: dark gray with a reddish tinge. Bo reports that the fish was unafraid and even approached him as he took its picture. This excellent video by Debra Newbery shows an individual with the same coloration. Both the photo and the video were taken at the same site in South Kona, though several years apart, and may be the same individual. This is a very rarely seen fish; Bo and Debra have captured the best images of the living animal I have ever seen. The scientific name honors Bronson Nagareda, who collected one of two specimens in a small cave off Kea`au Beach Park on the Waianae coast of O`ahu. The other specimen was collected by Marc James Hughes in a cave just north of the beach at Kona Paradise on the Kona coast of the Big Island. The largest of the two was about 4 inches long. The species was formally described by Randall and Hughes in Pacific Science (2009), vol. 63, no. 1:137–146


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Text and photos copyright by John P. Hoover