all photos by Rob Whitton
Priolepis eugenius (Jordan & Evermann, 1903)
     This cryptic, rarely seen goby is gray to black with (usually) seven light bars. Except for its color, it resembles the Golden-Green Goby (Priolepis aureoviridis) and occurs in similar habitat--small holes and crevices in rocky reefs. Rob Whitton, who photographed these individuals, reports that this species is less abundant and more skittish than the Golden-Green Goby. His photos (stills extracted from HD video) are the only images I have ever seen of this fish alive. All were upside down on the roofs of the little "caves" in which they live. I flipped the images. To about 2 in. Endemic to Hawaii. Photos: Pupukea, O`ahu. 20-30 ft. More information can be found in Reef and Shore Fishes of the Hawaiian Islands by Dr. John E. Randall.
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Text and photos copyright by John P. Hoover