Psenes arafurensis Gunther, 1889
    According to ichthyologist Bruce Mundy, this is a juvenile of the Dusky Driftfish, an open ocean fish that in the juvenile stage usually accompanies large jellyfish. The species is seldom seen close to shore. This rare photo by Wendy Noritake, taken while snorkeling at Mahukona, Hawaii, shows a small juvenile in a Crowned Jellyfish (Cephea cephea). Wendy writes:

Twice this morning I came across a Crowned Jellyfish that had fish hanging with it. The first one was nestled inside the jelly, so I thought it was being eaten, but the second one I saw, two fish were going in and out from the jellyfish. The fish were translucent, so I figured that this was a symbiotic relationship that at least the fish could find some protection. To see this juvenile in a translucent state where you can easily see its organs and spinal column is magical, how awesome nature is!
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Text and photos copyright by John P. Hoover