Mike Roberts - Ulua Beach, Maui.

Sebastapistes galactacma Jenkins 1903
[Milky Scorpionfish]
     This scorpionfish is reddish, often with darker mottlings on the back and upper sides. Two long "horns" arise over the eye. (These are quite short in some individuals). The entire fish is densely covered with a multitude of fine white spots which must have reminded Oliver P. Jenkins, the ichthylogist who first described this fish, of stars in the Milky Way. The species name he chose is a variant of the Greek word "galactos" meaning "milky." The English word "galaxy" comes from the same root. Adults grow to about 3 in. The species is known from Guam, Pohnpei, Hawai`i and French Polynesia. In Hawai`i it seems to be reported most often from south Maui, where I once saw 12 in one head of Cauliflower Coral! This photo was taken by Mike Roberts off Ulua Beach, Maui, at a depth of 45 ft.

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Text copyright by John P. Hoover