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 photos copyright John P. Hoover unless otherwise credited

Peanut worms (Class Sipuncula)
Many thanks to Eric Sanford who sent me this photo of an unidentified peanut worm, taken in Kaua'i.

Peanut worms are short, soft, unsegmented, somewhat bulbous worms that live buried in sand or mud, or sometimes under stones. Although once considered to constitute their own unique phylum, they are now consdered a class within the annelid worms in the phylum Annelida. However, they are kept separate here. The photos are courtesy of Eric Sanford.
Here's an old and almost certainly incomplete listing of Hawaiian peanut worms: Bishop Museum list of Hawaiian peanut worms

Photos by Eric Sanford, Kauai, Hawai`i


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  Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover unless otherwise credited