sample species description from Hawaii's Fishes
Apolemichthys arcuatus
(Gray, 1831)
     White and gray, with a bold black band like a robber's mask passing through the eyes and extending the length of the body, these friendly angelfishes will actually swim over to investigate divers. On Kaua'i they are so common they can sometimes be seen by snorkelers. On the other islands they are encountered most frequently at depths of about 100 feet. Feeding heavily on sponges, they fare poorly in captivity. Their color pattern is unlike that of any other known angelfish. The name means "bent like a bow," referring to the slightly arched black band. In the past, this species has been placed in the genera Holacanthus and Desmoholacanthus. To 7 in. Endemic. Photo: Palea Point, O`ahu, 50 ft.

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 Text and photographs copyright by John P. Hoover