sample species description from Hawaii's Fishes
Centropyge loricula (Gunther, 1874)
     These beauties are bright red, with dark vertical bars on the body and blue trim on the rear fins (more pronounced in males). The bars evidently reminded someone of a lady's corselet, for that is the meaning of the species name. They prefer dense stands of finger coral at depths of 60 feet or more, but may also be seen in shallower, rockier habitats. They are rare in Hawai`i, but if one is located it can be counted on to stay in the same location, where it can be visited repeatedly. Although spectacular fishes often do poorly in aquariums, the Flame Angel is a happy exception; it is small and peaceful, soon loses its shyness, and eats almost anything that is offered. Specimens sold as "Hawaiian Flames" are usually not from Hawai`i but probably come from the Marshall, Line, or Cook Islands. True Hawaiian Flames (brighter red between the bars) command a higher price, but few aquarists can tell the difference. To 4 in. Pacific Islands, from the Great Barrier Reef to Hawai`i. Photo: Magic Island, O`ahu. 30 ft.

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Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover