sample species description from Hawaii's Fishes

Cirrhilabrus jordani Snyder, 1904
     These wrasses live in harems—numerous females dominated by a single male—usually at depths over 100 feet on rubble bottoms. They feed on plankton and unlike most wrasses swim by rippling their soft dorsal fin. Initial phase fishes (females) are scarlet on the back, pinkish red on the sides (appearing grayish at depth). Terminal males are scarlet and yellow. Males engage in spectacular territorial and sexual displays, standing on their tails, flaring their fins and flashing bright lines along the body. Flame Wrasses are common on some dives off O`ahu's west shore and also at Molokini Island. They make excellent aquarium fishes (one male only to a tank) but may be inactive for several days when first introduced. They secrete a mucus cocoon at night. Keep them with peaceful fishes such as pygmy angelfishes. Named for American ichthyologist David Starr Jordan (1851-1932). To 4 in. Endemic. Photo: male. Molokini Island. 80 ft.

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 Text and photos copyright John P. Hoover