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Hawaii's Sea Creatures, a Guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates
6x9 inches, 366 pages, over 600 color photographs, 500 species. Published by Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii. $23.95
Originally released in 1999 (although the title page erroneously says 1998). A Revised Edition was released in Feb 2006. The 10th printing (revised and updated) is dated November 2022.


Hawaii's seas teem with life. Swimming, creeping, floating, or crawling—living creatures have invaded every possible undersea habitat. They have multiplied and diversified into every imaginable shape and form, from 20-foot giant squids to tiny creatures living between sand grains. Ninety percent of these animals are invertebrates—animals without backbones. Many are beautiful, a few are bizarre, and all are fascinating.

This was my most ambitious project. A few of these animals were not even known to science when I photographed them! Putting this book together was a five-year adventure that required countless night dives, the collection and preservation of specimens, many trips to the library, and the help of experts around the world. (Without e-mail it would have been impossible.) The result is a hefty volume chock full of underwater photos and fascinating information much of which you won't find elsewhere. Hawaii's Sea Creatures came out in 1999, both in hard and soft cover editions. (The hard cover edition is now sold out.) It won the Hawaii Book Publishers Association Ka Papapala Po'okela prize for excellence in photography in 2000. Sample species descriptions

Cover: Harlequin Shrimp attacking and eating a sea star.

Purchase information
If you live in Hawai`i you can buy a copy of Hawaii's Sea Creatures at any bookstore or direct from Mutual Publishing. Many dive shops also carry it; Costco sometimes does too. Outside Hawaii you can order online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble




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