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An interesting barnacle not in Hawaii's Sea Creatures
The Bishop Museum's list of Hawaiian barnacles is here

photo: Anna Curtis

Conchoderma virgatum (Spengler, 1790)

Anna Curtis sent me this photo of a barnacle she found on a dive boat mooring float off west Oahu. I sent the photo to barnacle expert William Newman at the Scripps Institute. He replied:

It's Conchoderma virgatum, and it belongs to the ancestral line that gave rise to the rabbit eared barnacle of whales, C. auritum, and while usually found on floating objects (fishing floats, boats, buoys etc.) it also occurs of turtles, swimming crabs, spiny fishes (attached where skin has been damaged, or to parasitic copepods on fish) and also cetaceans.

The species occurs worldwide in warm waters.


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