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Alphabetical species list of Hawaiian polyclad flatworms on this site
click on a species for photos and more information

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Acotylean 1
Acotylean 3
cf. Acotylean 11
Acotylean 21
Acotylean A
Acotylean B
Acotylean C
Acotylean D
Acotylean E
Acotylean F
Acotylean G
Acotylean H

Acotylean I

Callioplana marginata
Ceratoplana hawaiiensis
Cestoplana rubrocincta
Cestoplana 2
cf. Cestoplana 3

Euryleptid? A
Euryleptid? B
cf. Euryleptid 2
cf. Euryleptid 3
cf. Euryleptid 6
Euryleptid 9
cf. Euryleptid 17

Imogine sp. A

Leptoplanid? A
Maritigrella eschara

Paraplanocera 1
Paraplanocera 10
Paraplanocera marginata
Paraplanocera oligoglena
Pericelis 3
Pericelis 4
Pericelis A
Pericelis hymanae
Phrikoceros 1
Phrikoceros A
Phrikoceros cf. katoi
cf. Prosthiostomid 3
Prosthiostomid 11
Prosthiostomid A
Prosthiostomid B
Prosthiostomum cf. trilineatum

Pseudobiceros 5
Pseudobiceros 11
Pseudobiceros 13
Pseudobiceros 14
Pseudobiceros 15
Pseudobiceros 18
Pseudobiceros A

Pseudobiceros cf. gloriosus
Pseudobiceros flavocanthus
Pseudobiceros fulgor

Pseudobiceros gratus
Pseudobiceros hymanae
Pseudobiceros kryptos
Pseudobiceros periculosus
Pseudobiceros stellae

cf. Pseudoceros 17
cf. Pseudoceros 18
Pseudoceros B
Pseudoceros C

Pseudoceros E
Pseudoceros cf. bolool
Pseudoceros cf. dimidiatus
Pseudoceros cf. laticlavus

Pseudoceros cf. verecundus
Pseudoceros ferrugineus
Pseudoceros imperatus
Pseudoceros jebborum
Pseudoceros leptostictus
Pseudobiceros cf. murinus
Pseudoceros paralaticlavus
Pseudoceros rubronanus
Pseudoceros scintillatus

Pseudocerotid 4
Pseudocerotid A
Pseudocerotid B
Pseudocerotid C
Pseudocerotid E
Pseudocerotid G
Pseudocerotid H
Pseudocerotid J
Pseudocerotid K


Stylochid 5

Stylochoplana inquilina

Thysanozoon or Acanthazoon 3
Thysanozoon or Acanthazoon 5
Thysanozoon or Acanthazoon 7
cf. Thysanozoon or Acanthazoon 13
Thysanozoon or Acanthazoon A
Thysanozoon or Acanthazoon B
Thysanozoon cf. brocchii
Thysanozoon tentaculum
Tytthosoceros nocturnus
unknown A

unknown B

Polyclad flatworms with location "Hawaii" on Newman & Cannon CD
but not on list above or in Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii

We have not seen these worms and do not know the source of the location records.
However, Leslie Newman and Andrew Flowers did visit Hawaii briefly in the 1990s
and did look briefly for flatworms while here, so the records might possibly be
theirs. Or the records could be errors.

Bulaceros sp. 1
Maritigrella fuscopunctata
Phrikoceros sp. 3
Pseudobiceros uniarborensis
Pseudoceros heronensis
Pseudoceros cf. prudhoei
Pseudoceros sp. 19

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